Bubbles in paradise

Bubbles in paradise

Live an unforgettable and enjoyable experience

The treatment begins with a hammam with eucalyptus essential oil and followed by a deep exfoliation of the body. We continue with a pleasant massage with natural soap foam and complete the application of lotion all over the body for complete hydration.

Duration: 75 minutes / Price: 70 €

Bel'kis Therapy

Bel’kis Therapy

Μyth has it that beauty, in addition to a beautiful face, also needs a beautiful, healthy and well-shaped body. We at Calmora Spa suggest you indulge yourself in the ultimate sculpting / slimming treatment for your body, . Innovate with us against local imperfections, cellulite and any swelling. The treatment begins with the application of alunite balm with essential oils and the application of a thin layer of algae, a combination that helps to eliminate retention, detoxify and activate the body. Here is a special massage against cellulite, with the miraculous cryogel made of pink pepper for the perfect sculpting of the body.

Duration: 50 minutes / Price: 45 €

The above treatment is ideally combined with the use of a sauna or Hammam. + 10 €

A special offer is given for packages of 6/12 sessions

1001 Nights

1001 Nights

The celebration of the senses has just begun

Come and enjoy a true Moroccan wellness experience, which starts with a refreshing steam bath infused with orange and cinnamon. Savon noir and olive paste with eucalyptus are applied to your body and a Moroccan beauty mask to your face. The intoxicating aromas of cinnamon, orange, or eucalyptus essential oils will envelop you and the treatment will leave your skin feeling smooth as silk.

Duration: 90 minutes / Price: 60 €

Berber Escape

Berber escape

Aesthetic body treatment based on the beneficial properties of cereals, honey and essential oils.

This treatment, suitable for sensitive skin types, begins with a gentle and deep exfoliation of the body using cereal grains, honey and royal jelly. Exfoliation cleanses the skin while providing nourishment and moisturization although if you want to have your own sauna you can also get a sauna in your garden to take care of your body. It’s followed by a soothing full-body massage with a choice of oils: ripe sesame oil for regeneration, argan oil for repair, sesame oil for nourishment, shea butter for softness or aromatic oil (honey and neroli aroma) for comfort!

Duration: 60 minutes / Price: 60 €

The above treatment is ideally combined with the use of a sauna or Hammam. + 10 €


Traditional hammam

Τraditional hammam

Enjoy an authentic cleansing ritual and let the power of water cleanse the body and mind. While the body is warming up and starting to detoxify, you will use the kessa glove and the Aleppo soap made from laurel and olive oils that we offer you to take care of and cleanse yourself.

Duration: 30 minutes / 20 € 50 minutes / 35 €

Moroccan Dream

Moroccan dream

A royal treatment like… in the old days

In the East this treatment is considered a bridal ritual. A unique combination of aromas, honey, white pearl, essential oils, salt, make for a truly royal treatment. An aromatic steam bath with cinnamon and orange salt with honey and royal jelly, special treatment for the face and application with beurre de karite for the whole body, give you the ultimate shine and beauty treatment.

Duration: 75 minutes / 70 €

Ritual of Sauna

Sauna Ritual

Our body needs once a week the necessary detoxification for its proper functioning. This session offers you beneficial results as it helps significantly in the proper functioning of the body. You start your session with the right use of our sauna with the guidance of our therapist about appropriate times and temperatures. Continued with a tonic exfoliating body massage and a deep and relaxing massage with warm, aromatic oils of argan oil.

Duration: 90 minutes / Price: 60 €