Ancient Greek massage

One of the oldest therapies based on the principles of Hippocrates. An exclusively certified service and unique experience that combines tradition with innovation uses body powder, brush, suction cups and warm essential oils with excellent results for the nervous, muscular and circulatory system.

Duration: 60 ′ / Price: 70 €


Zen massage

This massage treatment starts from the soles and ends on the head, covering the entire back surface of the body. Warm essential oils of honey and cinnamon, special techniques on the back, head and legs, give you a wonderful escape from the routine and intensity of daily life. Absolute… Zen

Duration: 30 ′ / Price: 30 €

Special massage therapy, which targets ​​the shoulders, neck and head. A swedish back massage eliminates tension. Massaging the shoulders and neck relieves possible stiffness while the treatment is completed with a head massage to relieve headaches / migraines and releases the mind.

Duration: 30 ′ / Price: 30 €

Clear mind

A massage that provides health, wellness, flexibility and removes tension. It is made without oil in a special mattress on the floor while the receiver wears light and comfortable clothing. It facilitates relaxation, increases vital energy, relieves stress pain, tension and the pressure of everyday life. It strengthens and rejuvenates the body and increases flexibility.

Duration 75 ′ / Price: 80 €

Thai massage

Thai spirit massage

A dynamic massage that has its roots in the Far East. Includes genuine Thai massage techniques combined with Swedish massage techniques along with warm aromatic oil that soothes, unblocks and refreshes the whole body. It is also a massage providing feelings of well-being and bliss.

Duration: 60 ′ / Price: 60 €

Shell massage

A completely relaxing massage with self-heating shells offers deep relaxation relieving chronic tension and stress and stimulates the lymph.

Duration: 60 ′ / Price: 60 €

A massage that results in impressive smoothing of cellulite, elimination of toxins and tightening of the skin.

Duration: 50 ′ / Price: 50 €

Cellulite massage

Enjoy a massage treatment that will enchant your senses. Leave yourself in the hands of the experienced therapists of Calmora spa and live a special massage experience of the face and body. Techniques with specially designed body rollers take the treatment to the next level. A unique journey into a world of wellness has just begun.

Duration: 60 ′ / Price: 50 €

Calmora exclusive massage

Swedich Massage

Enjoy a hammam or sauna and then a relaxing full body massage with almond oil.

Duration: 45 ′ / Price: 30 €

Aromatherapy massage

The essential oils are adapted to every psychological and physical need, making aromatherapy ideal for a complete rejuvenation.

Duration: 60 ′ / Price: 80 €

A massage specifically designed to relieve your body of accumulated chronic tensions by penetrating the deeper tissues of the body.

Duration: 60 ′ / Price: 60 €

Therapeutic massage

One of the most enjoyable massage methods which utilizes the healing and calming powers of hot volcanic stones.

Duration: 60 ′ / Price: 60 €

Hot stone massage

Sport massage

A type of therapy that helps the athlete to relieve stress and tension created in the tissues of the body during physical exercise.

Duration: 50 ′ / Price: 60 €

Lymphatic massage

Lymphatic massage is a specialized massage technique that intervenes in the lymphatic system by activating it and accelerating the circulation of the lymph by up to 20 times.

Duration: 60 ′ / Price: 60 €